Did You Know?

Spokane is located in the heart of the Inland Northwest and is the second most populous city in Washington. The Spokane River runs through the city and beautiful Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane. Spokane’s first residents were Native American. From the Spokanes, Spokane gets its name, which means “Children of the Sun.” Spokane’s motto “Near nature, near perfect” really says it all. Spokane is a prime location for outdoor adventures as well as urban outings. The area offers everything from hiking, fishing, and skiing to world-class performances and exhibits, wineries and breweries, and athletics.

Here are 6 interesting facts about Spokane that you probably didn’t know:

  1. Spokane is the smallest city to host a World’s Fair.
  2. Spokane is the home of Bing Crosby.
  3. More than ½ of the buildings in downtown Spokane are on the Historic Register, including the Art Deco Fox Theater.
  4. Spokane has the 2nd Largest Urban Waterfall in the United States.
  5. Spokane is the birthplace of Father’s Day.
  6. Spokane holds the world’s largest timed footrace, the Lilac Bloomsday Run.


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